• Monitoring and Early Warning of Geological Disasters

Main Topics:

  • Recent development of opto-electronic sensor-based monitoring technologies
  • Innovative demodulation technologies for opto-electronic sensing network
  • Data acquisition and wireless transmission technologies of opto-electronic sensing network
  • Temperature compensation and abnormality recognition of opto-electronic sensing network
  • Distributed monitoring technologies of multi-field information in engineering geology
  • Solutions of field installation and data transmission of fiber optic sensors
  • Monitoring and early warning systems of geological disasters based on opto-electronic sensing network
  • Development of special opto-electronic sensors for monitoring geological disasters
  • Integration of opto-electronic sensing network in monitoring geological disasters
  • Monitoring technologies of geo-materials with large deformation
  • Monitoring and early warning of rockfalls, landslides, debris flows, ground subsidence and fissure
  • Monitoring of ground deformation induced by the construction of urban rail transits, hydraulic structures, ultra-high-voltage transmission structures, etc.
  • Distributed monitoring in protection of historic buildings
  • Distributed monitoring in mining and deep underground engineering