The international forum on Opto-electronic Sensor-based Monitoring in Geo-engineering (FOSMG) was set up by Professor Bin Shi in Nanjing University in 2005 with the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The event is held every two or three years. By now five forums have been held with great success in 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2014, respectively. The influence of these forums have been significantly growing both in China and foreign countries.

The 6th International Forum on Opto-electronic Sensor-based Monitoring in Geo-engineering (6th FOSMG-2017) will be held in Nanjing, China on November 3-5, 2017. This forum will be organized by CEMOES of Nanjing University and Nanjing University High-tech Institute at Suzhou. This time, the forum theme is “Frontiers and Applications of Infrastructure Monitoring Technologies”. During the forum, over 20 well-known scholars and experts around the world are invited to give plenary presentations on up-to-date research findings, new research and specific challenges in geo-engineering monitoring, and a short course on new sensing technologies will be held. In addition, this forum is also a platform for the information release and the exchange of new technologies and products among related suppliers, industry companies. Equally importantly, the forum is an opportunity for the enterprises and institutions to seek technological support or establish cooperation, by which to develop and extend the application of opto-electronic sensor-based monitoring technology in geo-engineering monitoring.

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